Our big vision for Bosa

a drawing of a brown hand holding a lit lightbulb over a light blue checkered background.

The Bosa team has been working thoughtfully and quickly this summer. We launched our web app in July, quickly followed by the Chrome extension in August and the return of Bosa Friend Fridays in September — just to name a few recent updates! As useful as these developments are right now, they are just the foundation of a much bigger Bosa product experience.

In keeping with our values, we're sharing that vision with you. After all, you're the ones who will benefit the most from these features and a Bosa that serves as a connective layer across wherever you keep your goals, tasks and inspirations.

We’re spending the rest of 2023 providing you day 1 value from your first experience with Bosa and beyond. That includes features to quickly import goals from third-party tools like Gmail, Google Calendar and Pinterest, and an enhanced search function within Bosa. We're also creating our beta template library — a collection of prebuilt goals that have all the right steps and resources so you can get your goal completed fast without having to start from scratch by yourself every time.

From there, we'll be in the best place to develop the Bosa app for native iOS and Android, putting the power of Bosa in your pocket and truly wherever you go (with your phone). We'll ramp up the Bosa education library to support you not just in using Bosa but in the ultimate goal — doing more, stressing less and having the time & energy for the things that matter most in your life. If you're interested in collaborating with us on how you use Bosa, let us know! We want to share your insights and best practices so others can get the same routine-changing results. 

As Bosa's feature set grows, we'll be introducing a freemium model to support our power users with even more functionality. On the roadmap? Microsoft Office support, reporting and insights, and third-party automations. Imagine a (very near!) future where you can use Bosa as your mission control to plan a birthday party, including scheduling the event in your calendar and adding your shopping list to a new Instacart order, right alongside other goals. 

Many of you have asked about or suggested AI features in Bosa, and those are coming, too. We're being strategic about how and when to implement AI to ensure that we're adding true utility and delight to the experience. The biggest impact AI can have on helping you achieve your goals depends on being able to effectively collect and collaborate with real people on them first, then AI can take that to the next level. So while our wheels are already turning — and our product team's imaginations running full steam — on Bosa + AI, we're being intentional about building a robust core product first. 

What all this means for you is a thoughtful, rich product experience to combat the fragmentation and isolation that leads to burnout, overwhelm and your most meaningful goals falling to the wayside. The best way to stay in the loop on specific new features? Subscribe to our email newsletter. 

If you have any suggestions, questions or product-related feedback, you can always get in touch directly with our co-founder and chief product officer EJ. 

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