Our big vision for Bosa

a drawing of a brown hand holding a lit lightbulb over a light blue checkered background.
The Bosa team has been working thoughtfully and quickly this summer. We launched our web app in July, quickly followed by the Chrome extension in August and the return of Bosa Friend Fridays in September — just to name a few recent updates! As useful as these developments are right now, the... Read More

Why we named our company Bosa.

With everything at Bosa, we came to our name with intention. It was important to choose something that aligned and lived up to our big vision and our mission to connect people with the right resources in the right moments. We wanted something simple yet powerful, and somet... Read More

Vitamin or painkiller? It depends who you ask.

It’s frustrating when people say Bosa is a “vitamin,” not a “painkiller.” When I hear that it signals that they think of Bosa as a nice-to-have instead of a necessity and that there's not a large enough market experiencing the problem we’re solving. With Bosa tackling the problem of burnout a... Read More

What do you do when productivity is broken?

a white tabletop with newsapper, coffee mug, calculator, papers, notepad and pen, laptop with chart and clipboard surround a pair of hands holding a phone
(originally published December 2020)Whether you were new to working remotely in 2020 or you’re an OG WFHer, this year brought an increase in asynchronous work, and with that the piling up of tasks flying in from every which way. If you’re like me, you’re constantly getting ... Read More
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