Lifting the mental load for busy parents

Bosa is the goal management app to help you get it all out of your head and into action — with your partner.

One place for all your goals

Plus shared views to see what's on your partner's plate

Family, work, wellness, all belongs in Bosa. No more jumping from tool to tool —Collect your goals & tasks in one central place, so you can focus on making them happen. Add your partner so you can easily see — and support — what they're working towards.

bosa-hero (1).gif

Tools to share the load

Go-to parents, we got your back.

Bosa helps you better capture, update and complete tasks between you and your partner (or whoever you do life with):

  • Consolidate info, research and updates in one place
  • Assign tasks within goals
  • Send reminders with upcoming tasks & deadlines
  • Get notified when input or a decision is needed

Get a boost from Bosa AI

Save time and energy for the fun stuff

Get personalized recommendations and responses on any goal. Because progress should happen while you're living your life, not only when you're in front of a screen.

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