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The collaborative OS for your shared life. Start your 14-day free trial today!


It's more than the mental load.

We don't want more — we want it to be easier for our families to live the lives we want.

Busy parents are burning out, and the struggle to juggle it all is taking a toll on our relationships.

Whether your partner in life is a spouse, significant other, co-parent, sibling or grandparent — Bosa is your unified platform for couples to seamlessly collaborate and share the mental load.

Start your 14-day free trial today to feel the Bosa magic for yourself.
($15 individual per month or $19.99 per couple per month after).


One place for all your goals & tasks

Capture actions quickly and easily anywhere, any time. Because getting things out of your head and into action should be possible no matter where life takes you.

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Work toward a better ‘we’

It’s not just about streamlining progress, it’s about getting there with your partner. Bosa streamlines communication and collaboration so you can build the life you want, together.


AI-powered personalization keeps things moving.

Bosa’s on the job, even when you’re not. Our automated AI-helper gives you personalized content and creates momentum that feels a bit like magic.

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Pricing that works for your life.

Billing starts after your 14-day free trial.


Use Bosa by yourself.

  • Central destination for all goals
  • Automated AI support
  • SMS and web access
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Use Bosa with your partner.

  • Everything in individual
  • Shared goals
  • Collaborative AI
  • Delegation and more!
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Built by busy parents, for busy parents.

We get it. As Millennials, we grew up with the phrase “it takes a village” only to become adults in the era of burnout. Our village wasn’t going to build itself…so we built Bosa to help bring yours to life.

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