Do what matters most.

Bosa is a Chrome extension that empowers you to take action with clarity and intention - anywhere, anytime.

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Go from intention to completion with Bosa

  • Jot down what you want to get done and Bosa will help make it clear and actionable.
  • Bosa will encourage you to approach what is most impactful for your day.
  • Finish what you start using Bosa's quick actions and by engaging our community.

"Bosa takes a thoughtful, considerate, and concerned approach about my well being...there's a personal touch."

- Ketsia V.

Feel your victories add up
with Bosa

Free your mind

Having everything stored with Bosa gives you more bandwidth to be present.

Take back control

With Bosa helping you plan each day, you are able to take charge of your life as you see fit

Experience our community

Be encouraged knowing your Bosa friends are always by your side.

What your friends are saying

"Bosa helps me organize my thoughts and to-dos. Especially working from home, as a new mom, my thoughts are always in a million places at once. I love that it is SO easy to start using and that it literally requires zero task maintenance – I just spend time doing the things I need to do, not organizing them."
Chelsea O.
Outreach Manager
"As a founder, my task list will always be a million miles long. Bosa is the only one where I control my task list instead of it controlling me. I've tried pretty much every productivity tool out there over the years, and I'm over productivity for productivity's sake, and I love that Bosa centers progress. Bosa is a healthier, effective and easy way to manage your to-dos. It's like my BFF to get shit done."
Kt M.
Startup Founder

We're on the journey with you

Anastasia Tarpeh-Ellis

Your resident hype-person, here! Love finding resources for folks. Often referred to as "the plug."

EJ Oruche

No challenge is too daunting for me! My friends say I'm extremely patient and have the best analogies.

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