About Us

Best friends tackling the mental load for busy parents everywhere.


We're Anastasia and EJ, co-founders of Bosa.

We know how heavy the mental load can get. We’ve been the default parent and the de facto project managers. We know it takes a lot to start with a new tool, maintain it and get buy-in from others to use it. We know the resulting burnout of that comes from being the one holding all this knowledge in your head and juggling it across work, family, friends and all areas of your life. And we know the pain of having to do all that by yourself.

We are those people — and you’re likely that person, too. What is the load that you're carrying? How can Bosa help you communicate and share that load? And how can we get things off of your plate to make room for the things that really light up your life?

The answer is collaboration.

As the operating system for your shared life, Bosa is built on the belief that supercharging the connection you already have with your partner can create a life you love. By helping you better communicate, collaborate and make progress together, you can create joy in some moments that may have seemed too daunting — planning that family vacation, supporting your partner through a career change or planning your dad's 60th birthday dinner. We’re changing the game for tackling the stress and imbalance that comes from one person holding all of the load.

A world where people can maximize meaning, not mere output? That’s the Bosa life.

Our core value? Don't stay stuck.

76%of Americans say they don't have enough time.
66%of parents experience burnout.
81%of Americans wish they had more fun each day.

Ready to go from surviving to thriving?

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